How do we teach?


Langley Associates use Off2Class and Zoom online meeting software as the basis of their lesson and homework delivery. Off2Class is a library of lesson plans on many topics from listening, speaking and reading-specific lessons, to grammar points, business English and IELTS training. It also has games and a placement test that you can use to measure your English proficiency. The tutor's screen can be shared so that you can see and interact with the slides and materials.

What are the steps to success?


Individual Learning Plans

When you sign up for lessons at Langley Associates. you will take our ESL Placement Test. Our ESL Placement Test will help us build your Individual Learning Plan. Your Individual Learning Plan is a custom learning schedule that is adapted to
your specific language strengths and areas for improvement. 


Live ESL Classes

During our live ESL classes we use a variety of different teaching tools and techniques including our extensive ESL Lesson Plan library. Our library covers speaking, reading, listening, grammar, business English, idioms, IELTS and much more! This enables your tutor to find the appropriate bespoke content for your needs outlined by the ESL Placement Test. We also use a variety of interactive ESL Games during our lessons. We use ESL Games to informally assess your understanding of lesson material and objectives. 



When you learn with Langley Associates your ESL progress doesn’t stop after each lesson! Between lessons you login to our ESL Student Management System to complete Homework Assignments, review Lesson Summaries and track Progress. At the end of your Learning Programme you will be e-mailed the relevant certificate of achievement. 

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