What do you need?

Internet Connection



A reliable and fast internet connection is a must for face-to-face lessons. Some parts of the world are prone to power cuts and patchy internet coverage which can make delivering lessons more difficult. At Langley Associates we have a high speed, reliable connection enabling us to deliver online sessions effectively.



For best results, videos should be in 720p HD quality or higher. Most laptops and virtually all tablets have now got inbuilt cameras and microphones. Desktop PCs tend not to have that luxury. Click on the webcam image to view a number of webcams you can use to connect with your tutor that are recommended by Techradar. If you have a camera already – whether it’s a mobile phone, a computer, a video camera, a DSLR camera or some other video capture device – it’s a good idea to check your system preferences. You can Google search for the name of the product and the resolution it shoots. It should be able to shoot up to 1280×720. 

Audio Equipment


When choosing your audio equipment keep the sound quality in mind first and foremost. At Langley Associates we use A FIFINE USB studio condensing mic (shown in image). Click on the image to view a number of desktop microphones that are recommended by Techradar.
You will also need a good quality headset with a microphone to participate in lessons with your tutor. A headset means you will avoid acoustic feedback from speakers. You could use your mobile phone/mp3 player headphones. Some headphones also have a built in microphone. 

What if I want to use my tablet for online lessons?


If you would like to use your iPad/Android/Windows tablet for your online lessons that is not a problem. Virtually every single tablet has a high quality video camera and reasonable audio recording. The Zoom cloud meeting app (free) would need to be installed on your device and Chrome is the preferable browser for all tablets. Once you have requested a trial lesson, we will walk you through the steps of setting up Zoom and Off2Class.